How to Become a Reseller and Start Earning Money Successfully?

Do you know that more than 50 million people in the world are using IPTV services? Start your own IPTV business now and make more than £10,000 per month. You only need your own IPTV panel to start, where you can generate lines for users. Add to Smart TV, Android / Firestick, Mag Box , Enigma2 and More Platforms.

How Does IPTV Panel Work?

When you become our Reseller, you will buy credits to load your Reseller panel.
The minimum amount is £100
The Reseller account is not time-based. This means that if you buy a Reseller account, it will not expire at all!* The only important thing is your credits. Credits allow you to create accounts for users. For example, creating 1-month account costs you 1 credits. You can sell our service as long as you have credits left. If you run out of credits, you can add credits by ordering again. SIMPLE !!!

Account Credit Cost for Resellers?

To Buy Credits 

£100 = 20
£200 = 40
£300 = 80
£350 = 100
£500 = 200

To Make Accounts

1 Hour trials = free

24 Hours Trials = 0.25 Credit
1 month sub = 1 credit
3 month sub = 2 credits
6 month sub = 3 credits
12 Month sub = 4 credits
12 Months x2 Multi = 6 Credits
12 Months x4 Multi = 12 Credits

Must Follow Rules:

  • Always Use Email (real not fake) at Username while making a trial or subscription account. account with user name only will be deleted automatically.

  • No M3U URL or Server URL To be Given to Customers, Failure to Listen will result in Block.

  • Always Have a Minimum of 5 Credits in Panel and Top Up As Soon as Possible to avoid Disconnection.

  • All Credit Spent is Final and no Refunds of Credit is Given so Spend Carefully.

  • Sitting on Same Credits for More than 1 Month will Result in Panel being Locked, and Top up will be Needed to Unlock, as this is a Reselling Business.

  • If you are Planing to leave the Business Let us Know 1 Month Before and a Fee will be Applied (fee depends on users under your reseller account ) otherwise all Lines will be Suspended.

  • For All Help and Support Please Create a Ticket into Your Client Area.